A Special Message from Our DECA Inc. WRVP, Mattie Bradford

Hello Arizona DECA!

I have missed each of you dearly and hope you have been doing well! I am so grateful to serve as your Western Region Vice President and have the opportunity to work alongside you throughout this year. It’s going to be a good (and crazy) one!

When facing uncertainty, stress, and perhaps even a lack of excitement, it is more important than ever to stay grounded and rooted in what you do know for sure. For me, what’s kept me grounded is knowing I am part of an organization that won’t give up on its members and who will do everything in their power to still provide us experiences and opportunities, even during times like this. It is knowing I have a family of not only the 6,000 plus members in Arizona DECA alone, but of the 225,000 members in DECA as a whole. That’s one big family.
Speaking of family, your Executive Officer Team has been working hard to create the tools and resources that will help you to be incredibly successful this year. A couple of exciting things to tune into that are already happening now:

Monthly One DECA Calls: Each month, we host a Zoom call that is open for every single member of DECA to join. It’s a really fun time to connect with your network of fellow DECA members from all over the world and leave with new insight and ideas on how to lead your chapter and association. I hope to see even more Arizona DECA representation on the next one!

UPCOMING CALLS: Wednesday, October 21st – 5pm PT

Monthly Western Region Calls: We don’t just call ourselves the “Bestern Region” for no reason… This is truly a region with the most incredible and devoted members in the organization. We are a region of innovative ideas, meaningful connections, and service-oriented leaders who are all becoming more unified as the year progresses. This call is a unique opportunity for the chapter and association officers of all 14 associations of the Western Region to collaborate, share ideas, and develop a stronger, more unified region.

UPCOMING CALLS: Tuesday, October 27th – 5pm PT

DECA Direct: Similar to the cool blog site you are on right now, DECA Inc. has their very own blog with weekly articles you can subscribe to, the latest updates and announcements available, and all things DECA! I would highly recommend staying up to date with this, it can be a really informative tool and also just a fun read. Check it out at https://www.decadirect.org!

Another important piece of information:

Registration for Western Region Leadership Conference 2020 opened September 28th, 2020. This is an event you will absolutely not want to miss out on. Hosted virtually by Washington DECA, this experience is packed full of engaging activities, interactive workshops, and lots of innovative leaders. Take a look at the conference website at https://decawrlc2020.org and talk to your advisor about getting registered today!

To stay updated with everything DECA, make sure you are following along with @decainc and my account, @decawrvp on all platforms. Please reach out if you ever have any questions or just want to chat – that’s what I’m here for!

Yours in DECA,

Mattie Bradford
DECA Inc. High School Division Western Region Vice President