Meet your 2021-2022 Arizona DECA State Officer Candidates

Hey Arizona DECA! Serving as your 2020-2021 Arizona DECA State Secretary and District 6 President has been my absolute honor. I have created lasting relationships, made life-long memories, and helped inspire and create change throughout our Arizona DECA community alongside your AMAZING 2020-2021 Arizona DECA State Officer team! From creating the Arizona DECA District Instagrams, working with the MDA to spread awareness, recognizing the amazing chapters of Arizona DECA through our Chapter of the month program, releasing Arizona DECA Drip boxes, reimagining our 2020-2021 Arizona DECA Advocacy guide, releasing the Arizona DECA Slack to better connect with chapter officers, or simply having the opportunity to serve the wonderful members of Arizona DECA. This year was nothing short of success. No matter the hardships and difficulties we all faced, we remain determined to make this a successful (and memorable) year. Thank you Arizona DECA for continuing to strive to the #NEXTLEVEL and continue to defy all odds. You all are what make this organization so impactful. YOU are the future of DECA!

As your 2020-2021 Arizona DECA State Officer team hands the torch to the incoming team, we want you all to have the opportunity to further meet the candidates for the 2021-2022 Arizona DECA State Officer team. Below is a list of provided descriptions from each candidate. No matter if you are a voting delegate, member, chapter officer, or advisor, please read through and choose who you believe will best serve the next chapter of Arizona DECA.

We hope to provide an opportunity for you to ask your questions to the 2021-2022 Arizona DECA State Officer team candidates. This Friday, February 26th, we will be hosting a 2021-2022 Arizona DECA State Officer Candidate Q&A! The link to the 2021-2022 Arizona DECA State Officer Candidate Q&A will be sent to your advisors, please contact them to access the link!

During this time members will have the opportunity to ask questions to the current candidates. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Yours in DECA,
Izzy Yadav
Arizona DECA State Secretary and District 6 President

Alaina Meyers – My name is Alaina Meyers and I am from Casteel High School in District 5! As a State Officer, I would strive to sustain our “One Diamond, One Family” motto by connecting chapters together, giving chapters the resources to be successful and professional on social media, and lead YOU members to your future successes! I would love to make our 2021-2022 school year in DECA the best yet, so let’s CONNECT & CREATE, vote Alaina for State!

Abdelrahman Abdelrazek – Hello my name is Abdelrahman Abdelrazek but I go by the name able. I go to paragon science academy in district 5 and I’m a part of the paragon deca chapter. For my campaign I hope to get to know as many people as possible from chapter throughout Arizona and help as many people as I can connect and get better at roleplays. My campaign slogan is “Be Able”

Danna Garcia – Hi everyone! I am Danna Garcia, I attend Millennium High School and this is my 3rd year in DECA. I am so excited to announce that I am running to be a part of your Arizona DECA state officer team for 2021-2022! If I am chosen to be part of the state officer team I will assure you that I will put my all to insure the growth of every individual DECA member and of our organization as a whole. We are One Diamond, One Family!

Elena Mao – Hi everyone! My name is Elena Mao, and it’s an honor to run for your next Arizona DECA State Officer. From winning 2nd place in Principles of Business Management at SCDC last year to serving as Pinnacle DECA’s current Secretary, I believe my experience speaks for itself. DECA has truly given me a second family, and I hope to make YOUR DECA experience just as special as mine has been. My goals for the coming year can be found in my last name: Meet, Achieve, Optimize. I’m hoping to launch a program called DECA Reach that can help you “meet” members from across the state, creating new opportunities and discovering friendships. I would also love to hear YOUR goals and help you “achieve” them. Last but not least, I’m always looking for innovative ways to “optimize” the community around me. I plan to implement activities for chapters to work together and develop bonds during conferences. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out my campaign. Let’s take off now with Elena Mao!

Mansi Dabholkar – Hey, Arizona DECA! My name is Mansi Dabholkar, and I am super excited to be running to be your District 6 State Representative! I come from the slowly growing, brilliant BASIS Phoenix chapter. I would love to be one of your State Officers for the next year so we can all work together to better our love of competition, our impact on the greater Arizona community, and our skills when it comes to business careers. I hope you all are excited to do the same, and I look forward to seeing you all at the Live Q&A! Thank you.

Ram Karuppiah – Hey Arizona DECA! Are you ready to HIT A GRAND SLAM WITH RAM? This is Ram Karuppiah from Perry High School and I am so excited to announce that I’m running to be your Arizona DECA District 5 Representative! My vision for Arizona DECA is to give back to the community with our immense organization, implement more non-competition related activities during the State Career Development Center, and to strengthen the bond between chapters and members. With a strive to give back to Arizona DECA, be a good role model for the members, and overall positively impact the organization, I know that I will be a great State Officer! If you have any questions, make sure to tune into the upcoming State Officer Candidate Q&A! #ArizonaDECA #NextLevel.

Get Ready for SCDC!

Hello Arizona DECA!

The 2021 State Career Development Conference is well underway, and the State Officer Team is excited to see all members reach the #NEXTLEVEL in leadership, learning, opportunity, competition, and achievement!

First of all, I want to commend those who have successfully submitted their preliminary role plays and completed their testing earlier this week. Despite inherent challenges surrounding the nature of a virtual competition, the commitment and DECA-cation to preparing for one’s future is admirable and inspiring. The finalists for each event will be announced on Sunday, February 21.

Furthermore, the 6Connex virtual conference platform is set to launch on Friday, February 26. This is the central hub that will provide members with access to a variety of engaging content in a manner that closely resembles the atmosphere of an in-person conference.

Virtual workshops from the State Officer Team and business professionals will be available on-demand to offer an engaging learning experience. Information about the candidates for the 2021-2022 State Officer Team will provide a valuable resource for voting delegates, charged with selecting the individuals who will lead this association into the future. Club DECA is a place that will offer daily games and activities for members to complete by themselves, with friends, or with their chapters.

Finally, everyone should look forward to DECA After Dark, which will take place on Friday, February 26 from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. Not only will this be a chance to network with peers from all across the state, but the fierce competitive spirit of DECA members will be put to the test in a dynamic session of games.

Overall, State Career Development Conference offers members an experience of incredible value. The challenge is to seize the moment and make the most of every opportunity available!

Yours in DECA,

Thong Vo | District 2 President 

CompETE: A Recap

Over the past four weeks, the members and officers of Arizona DECA have been taking their competitive prowess to the #NEXTLEVEL by attending our virtual competitive training event, CompETE. CompETE was designed to give members the opportunity to learn more about DECA Competitive Event strategies, the different types of competition, and how to elevate competitive skills in general.

In week one we discussed how to select an event and covered the basics of DECA competition. We went in-depth about the differences between role plays, written events, and virtual challenges. Week 2 followed shortly where we reviewed the Event Cluster Exams in general, how to excel with amazing test-taking strategies, and collaborated on the best ways to find success! In weeks 3 and 4 we dove even deeper into 21st Century Skills for written events and roles plays and discussed how you can use those skills to your advantage in competitive events.

This conference was filled with creative ideas, collaboration, and commitment. Everyone gave their best advice and ideas and it was amazing to see everyone continuing to collaborate.

Team 60 hopes this event gets everyone in the competitive mood as we head into competition season. It’s important to remember to always push yourself to your furthest limits and strive toward your greatest goals. Thank you for an amazing CompETE!

With Warm Regards in DECA,

Emily Anasagasti

District 5 President

WRLC Recap!

Last week, Washington DECA held the Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC), a virtual conference where DECA members can INNOVATE their leadership and competition skills, educational goals, and career aspirations! WRLC offered a plethora of workshops, live keynote speaker sessions, and competitive events for all attendees to elevate their leadership potential and personal development.

The opening session deserves a full page of compliments, but I’ll try my best to keep it short for you. WOW! Washington DECA hosted a “Parade of Associations,” where each Western Region Association was showcased for a few moments. That was an incredible idea, as it helped us all feel united, even though we’re thousands of miles apart! Furthermore, Howard White, the Vice President of the Jordan Brand, spoke, and his inspiring journey through the NBA and NIKE, Inc. really connected to the trailblazers that comprised the audience.

All the guest speakers featured through the conference were perhaps the most compelling aspect of WRLC. Besides Mr. White, Dave and Dara Feldman from Virtues Matter spoke to us about the incredible importance of treating others with kindness and respect, which is more relevant than ever today! Paired along with the Innovation Quest that was hosted through GooseChase, the session with them amounted to not only an exciting competition but also a valuable community awareness tool.

Additionally, the vast assortment of workshops available through the 100XED platform also transformed my experience of WRLC. Leaders from small and big businesses alike that are experienced in digital marketing and technology, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, professional development, competition, and sports and entertainment all led concise but powerful sessions that were catered to the needs of the 21st century workforce and the skills acquired through DECA. A workshop I loved was “5 Laws of Stratospheric Success,” which explored innovative businesses and leaders in order to help the audience understand how they can apply those same go-giver principles in their life right now.

The State Officer Team’s favorite part of the whole conference was obviously the competition. Attendees could compete in different and extremely innovate competitive events to train for the state conference and earn medals! The feeling of getting back into that competition mindset was definitely awesome, and I’m so pumped for all of Arizona DECA’s competitions now!

Lastly, the closing session was right up there with that opening session. With an incredible DECA alum’s keynote session, and Clara McAdams from Barry Goldwater High School and Dominique Mendoza from Casteel High School representing Arizona DECA with their two medals, WRLC couldn’t have ended on a better note.

Due to the NUMEROUS opportunities contained in WRLC, Arizona DECA’s State Officer Team hosted an Instagram Live every day to recap the events and experiences in far more detail. Make sure to check these out on the IGTV section on the Arizona DECA Instagram for a closer look at what made WRLC incredible. Also, make sure to check out the instagram to see the very SPECIAL PROMO VIDEO for WRLC 2021 hosted in none other than Scottsdale, Arizona!

See the video and find out more at:

With warm regards in DECA,

Manvi Harde
Arizona DECA State Vice President and District 3 President

Get Ready for VOLT 2020

Arizona DECA is extremely excited to offer a new and innovative form of training for chapter officers and advisors around the state: Virtual Officer Leadership Training! Or as we call it: VOLT! Although we will miss having Camp DECA and getting to see all your beautiful faces in person, we are optimistic that through access to hundreds of hours of world-class leadership training, you won’t be disappointed as a leader! This program is different than anything Arizona DECA has offered before in that it extends over the entire month of October with recurring live sessions delivered by professional trainers and of course, your #Team60!

The State Officer Team is incredibly excited to partner with TEAMTRI to roll out this opportunity for our chapter officers to learn how to excel in their positions. This 4-week interval program will allow officers to gain a complex knowledge of all things DECA and so much more! You will easily see how the skills you learn during VOLT can be applied to your future life as a college student and professional. VOLT also provides a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity for chapter officers to meet and connect with their like-minded peers. We can’t wait to see all of the lasting friendships that will form during this high-intensity and interactive experience! Team 60 and TEAMTRI are ready to bring the heat! We guarantee that each week, you will leave the live sessions with a volt of energy to keep you going.

But that’s not all. The VOLT experience will offer more than just content, connections, and conference craziness! This training will help equip you to be successful in a new but extremely important modern skill: virtual professionalism. I know that remote learning can certainly seem like an obstacle, but if there is any group of students that I would trust to rise up to new challenges and excel in networking and personal development, it would be DECA kiddos! I can’t wait to see you all there!

More details will be released to chapter advisors in the coming weeks.

Yours in DECA,

Brinlee Kidd | Arizona DECA District 8 President