Chapter Campaigns take you to the #NEXTLEVEL!

Hey Arizona DECA!

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times. I am so excited about this month because it is DECA Month! We have been participating in DECA Inc.’s daily posting schedule and it has been so amazing seeing all of your DECA highlights and memories! Before we move further into my favorite month of the year, I want to share some information about Chapter Campaigns!

Every year, DECA offers five unique campaigns that help chapters grow, engage new members, and build long-lasting relationships within schools and communities. These campaigns elevate chapters and help develop programs of work! Chapter campaigns are broken down into five categories: Membership, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Promotional, Community Service, and Advocacy.

Here is a brief overview of each one:

The membership campaign is designed to help chapters grow by making the DECA experience available to more student members, keeping alumni involved, and engaging professional members such as administrators, teachers, and business partners. To complete this campaign and receive recognition, chapters must recruit a group of 20 new members, alumni, and/or professional members. The submission deadline is December 1st, 2020, and we can’t wait to see how you all take on this campaign!

Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 16th to November 22nd) is a time for chapters to engage in outreach activities, innovation challenges and learn about the future of business. Each chapter’s three innovative challenge entries, three local entrepreneur success stories, and three school/community outreach activities are due by December 1st. Entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of business and will help you and your chapter reach the next level of success.

This campaign provides chapter members an opportunity to share what DECA is all about with their school and community. It is time to put your passion into action! You can get recognized for this campaign by conducting three school outreach activities, three community outreach activities, and sharing three alumni success stories. Be sure to submit your information by December 1st.

Community Service
To complete this campaign, chapters must host at least one community service activity/event and have at least 75% of their chapter in attendance. Although we are virtual, we still hope to see you all participate in community service. Only one community service event is required for this campaign, however, we want to see your chapter take this to the next level by taking on multiple activities. For inspiration, check out the Arizona DECA Task List! The list has a range of activities and we cannot wait to see you tackle this campaign. Make sure to submit all of your information by December 1st!

This campaign takes place in February 2021, during Career and Technical Education Month. You can get involved in this campaign by conducting nine outreach activities. The nine activities will be dedicated to reaching out to policymakers, school officials, and your community. Your Arizona DECA State Officer team will be launching an advocacy guide for you all to utilize, and we can’t wait to see the impact Arizona DECA can make with our representatives this year! Make sure to submit all of your information by March 1st, 2021!

These are great ways to get involved and receive recognition and awards for your chapters at the state and international level! If you have any additional questions about chapter campaigns please feel free to reach out to me or head to:

By participating in these campaigns you are taking your chapter to new heights. We encourage you all to continue thinking about ways you can inspire and motivate members during these uncertain times.
It is remarkable to see how hard you all are already working to keep your chapters successful and prosperous and I cannot wait to see what we continue to do together!

Keep it up, Arizona DECA!

Yours in DECA,

Aakash Kakkar
Arizona DECA State President and District 9 President