WRLC Recap!

Last week, Washington DECA held the Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC), a virtual conference where DECA members can INNOVATE their leadership and competition skills, educational goals, and career aspirations! WRLC offered a plethora of workshops, live keynote speaker sessions, and competitive events for all attendees to elevate their leadership potential and personal development.

The opening session deserves a full page of compliments, but I’ll try my best to keep it short for you. WOW! Washington DECA hosted a “Parade of Associations,” where each Western Region Association was showcased for a few moments. That was an incredible idea, as it helped us all feel united, even though we’re thousands of miles apart! Furthermore, Howard White, the Vice President of the Jordan Brand, spoke, and his inspiring journey through the NBA and NIKE, Inc. really connected to the trailblazers that comprised the audience.

All the guest speakers featured through the conference were perhaps the most compelling aspect of WRLC. Besides Mr. White, Dave and Dara Feldman from Virtues Matter spoke to us about the incredible importance of treating others with kindness and respect, which is more relevant than ever today! Paired along with the Innovation Quest that was hosted through GooseChase, the session with them amounted to not only an exciting competition but also a valuable community awareness tool.

Additionally, the vast assortment of workshops available through the 100XED platform also transformed my experience of WRLC. Leaders from small and big businesses alike that are experienced in digital marketing and technology, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, professional development, competition, and sports and entertainment all led concise but powerful sessions that were catered to the needs of the 21st century workforce and the skills acquired through DECA. A workshop I loved was “5 Laws of Stratospheric Success,” which explored innovative businesses and leaders in order to help the audience understand how they can apply those same go-giver principles in their life right now.

The State Officer Team’s favorite part of the whole conference was obviously the competition. Attendees could compete in different and extremely innovate competitive events to train for the state conference and earn medals! The feeling of getting back into that competition mindset was definitely awesome, and I’m so pumped for all of Arizona DECA’s competitions now!

Lastly, the closing session was right up there with that opening session. With an incredible DECA alum’s keynote session, and Clara McAdams from Barry Goldwater High School and Dominique Mendoza from Casteel High School representing Arizona DECA with their two medals, WRLC couldn’t have ended on a better note.

Due to the NUMEROUS opportunities contained in WRLC, Arizona DECA’s State Officer Team hosted an Instagram Live every day to recap the events and experiences in far more detail. Make sure to check these out on the IGTV section on the Arizona DECA Instagram for a closer look at what made WRLC incredible. Also, make sure to check out the instagram to see the very SPECIAL PROMO VIDEO for WRLC 2021 hosted in none other than Scottsdale, Arizona!

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With warm regards in DECA,

Manvi Harde
Arizona DECA State Vice President and District 3 President