Where Are They Now?

One of Arizona DECA’s most prominent bragging rights is our famous State Officer Alumni! We all know that Mattie Bradford and Catherine Horton are killing it in international offices over at DECA Inc., but the rest of their former teammates are working just as hard to be shining examples of success in their own right! Let’s catch up with a few members of the 2019-2020 State officer Team to see where they are now!

Former District Eight Representative, Connor Wren is staying focused on the future by double-majoring in Finance and Management at Arizona State University. Connor hopes to use his degree to reach senior management within a company. He claims that the best way for him to stay on track with his online class load is to maintain a structured routine.

Both Amber Adams (former State President and District Five Representative) and Abby Kiekintveld (former District Four Representative) are studying Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University. Amber is already starting to build her future in property investment and real estate as she uses her skills to build up a clientele. Her experience as a State Officer, from traveling, advocating, and attending meetings, helped her learn to effectively manage her time; a skill she says is very valuable to her in college.

Abby is also getting the most out of her program of study as she says her favorite class so far is “Intro to Human Communication.” She also shows us that your network truly is your net worth by participating in ASU Sync and a leadership program on campus. Abby is most looking forward to connecting with the other young leaders in her program that are driven to make a positive difference.

Former District One Representative and State Secretary, Nicole Ruiz attends the Barrett Honors College at ASU where she studies Business Entrepreneurship. As she looks toward a future in non-profit work, she reminisced on her past state officership saying that her experience taught her valuable lessons about teamwork and working with a group of leaders. We can all relate to Nicole when she shares that she is most looking forward to the social life on campus returning to a normal and safe environment!

Finally, former District Seven Representative, Brigid Fitzgerald is currently studying Political Science at Arizona State University. She is planning to graduate early, pursue a masters degree, and says she enjoys working remotely at her own pace. Brigid claims her time as a State Officer helped her develop skills such as time management, good communication, and team building. We are sure her experience with DECA will help her achieve success as she moves toward post-graduate and internship opportunities. Remember to vote Fitzgerald for President in 2040!

Although the 2019-2020 State Officer Team has varied interests and goals, one thing stays very much the same: their shared affection for our Arizona DECA family! We look forward to seeing the amazing things they do in the future and we have no doubt that with their heart, determination, and experience they’ll get far!

Yours in DECA,
Brinlee Kidd
Arizona DECA District 8 President