DECA Partnerships Propel Us To The #NEXTLEVEL

Arizona DECA has taken part in some great partnerships over the years. From in-kind donations to branded scholarships, our partners have impacted the lives of countless students.

Whataburger is an excellent example of a partner with a standout conference presence. For years, Whataburger has provided lanyards, hosted a booth, and contributed to DECA scholarships at the Arizona DECA State Career Development Conference.

DECA provides over $200,000 in scholarships to our members each year. Additionally, Arizona DECA offers $10,000 in scholarships and looks to expand on scholarships available to our students. Recently we have asked ourselves, “How can Arizona DECA’s current partnership program be taken to the #NEXTLEVEL?” Our answer is rooted in three ideas, opening dialogue, rewarding partners, and creating opportunities.

This year Arizona DECA is working to renew our partnership program. Engaging communication is crucial to member success. With new ways for members to communicate with Arizona DECA’s team and partners, we hope to bring clarity to our members about what they can gain through Arizona DECA this year. By using new platforms of communication, we plan to connect our partners and members directly. Allowing our members to learn more about what could be in their future. Open communication with partners will only serve to propel the success of Arizona DECA’s members and create more #NEXTLEVEL DECA experiences.

Next, the new vision will allow for a larger member-impact and the creation of firm, long-lasting partnerships for years to come. By creating new ways to work with partners, we intend to reward partners for their contributions toward our mission and use new tools to turn partnerships into something more.

We understand DECA members seek opportunities to develop themselves personally, professionally, and academically. This year, we will to continue to offer, expand, and update development opportunities to meet the needs of our members and address current health and safety concerns. Expanded development opportunities can be in the form of an enhanced scholarship program for members, developing new ways for members to reach their goals and full potential, or more diversified professional development and career opportunities. With this, our impact will grow, and our partnerships will strengthen.

Remember, Arizona DECA and our partners are here for you! DECA leaders are our future, and the future shines bright like a diamond, a DECA Diamond. 

Yours in DECA,

Svend Delasko | District 7 President