Announcing District Instagrams

Hey Arizona DECA!

The Arizona DECA State Officer Team is so excited to officially announce Arizona DECA District Instagrams! After months of preparation and planning, we are excited to offer a platform to all of Arizona DECA’s nine districts. District Instagrams will be dedicated to informing, connecting, and sharing information to all members of Arizona DECA!

Informing the Arizona DECA members about upcoming conferences, events, and other information is a top priority for the Arizona DECA State Officer Team. The launch of District Instagrams will enable a space for members to reach out and ask any questions they may have, and to most importantly connect with other members of Arizona DECA. While this space offers a chance for members to connect, it also gives the ability to create lasting relationships among fellow members and with your corresponding Arizona DECA District President!

District Instagrams are designed to promote upcoming statewide events, as well as share district-specific events such as fundraisers, competitions, and recognizing chapter successes!

We hope every member of Arizona DECA is able to create better connections, have quicker access to information, and learn even more about Arizona DECA with District Instagrams! Arizona DECA District Instagrams launch on September 7th.

Yours in DECA,

Izzy Yadav | Arizona DECA State Secretary and District 6 President