Hi Arizona DECA!

I hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable transition back to school. Personally, attending classes in my pajamas is motivating me the most right right now. With the past few months and uncertain number of future months spent social distancing, it’s hard finding something worth getting out of bed for. Classes feel different, especially when you can’t turn around and make an inside joke with a friend. Life feels different, because our routines and activities are no longer integral parts of our day. However, there’s one thing that gratefully hasn’t changed for me: DECA. The people, the purpose, and the energy. DECA has magic to it. The magic to feel important, essential, significant. The magic to express yourself creatively and passionately. The magic to forge connections and bonds that will last way longer than this pandemic. DECA opens avenues and channels for you to grow as an emerging leader in any way that best suits your own special self. Though restricted physically, this State Officer Team’s imagination for this upcoming year is literally limitless with all our plans for our members. And yours can be too.

If you’re reading this, there’s about a 79% probability (sorry my statistics class is rubbing off on me) that you’re already interested in being in DECA this year. However, there’s a lot more we can all do to be active members and replicate the feeling of an in-person experience. Everyone in DECA is a leader. You may be your chapter’s president, a chapter officer, or a chapter member. If you’re none of the above, this your SIGN to join your DECA chapter. A leader isn’t defined by a position or a title, but rather by a mindset. A mindset of personal growth that spreads and empowers others. You are 100% capable of being a leader in every area of your life – you just have to leave your comfort zone so that you can enter your growth zone. There’s really only one thing I hope you take away from this: challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to become the best leader you can be right now and make the most of what you can. Challenge yourself to be a committed and dedicated member of Arizona DECA. Challenge yourself to help others on their leadership journey by growing your chapter to more and more people that need some DECA energy in their lives right now. Challenge yourself to transcend the obstacles set forth by these circumstances and evolve into the best version of yourself.

DECA challenges me in every single way possible. Mostly, it challenges me to push myself past the limits I set for myself. If I didn’t stay in DECA three years ago, I would be nowhere even close to where I am now. I am so grateful to myself for choosing to stay in DECA, and I hope one day you’ll feel the same way toward yourself.

Yours in DECA,

Manvi Harde | Arizona DECA State Vice President